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Practice System

Practice System

上市日期: 2016-06-15


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IT Governance Mechanism:

IT is playing an increasingly prominent role in institutions’ operation and management. It is not just a support of institutions’ business development, but is also the significant support of institutions’ business innovation. However,suitable IT governance mechanism is necessary to guarantee institutions if they want to develop IT value, achieve their strategic vision and complete their strategic mission and strategic goals. By building IT governance mechanism,
governance problems such as institutions’ IT orientation and principles,authority-responsibility relationships, and IT management and control mode can be effectively solved. And the IT “production relations” can be straightened out so as to promote the healthy development of IT “productive forces”.


Covergence of Business and IT:

In front of the complicated international and domestic economic environment, and the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other emerging technologies, how to use IT to enhance institutions’comprehensive competition ability and win the fast changing market has become the future strategic focus of institutions.Effective convergence of business and IT is important means of achieving institutions’ business and operation model
innovation, as well as the important foundation of correct input and effective utilization of IT resources.


Security, Risk, Audit and Sustainability:

IT brings value for institutions as well as many potential risks.How to ensure the safety and reliability of information, how to do IT management and controls to meet the requirements
of the industry, and how to effectively ensure the continued and steady progression of the institutions’ business, have become the key of effective use of IT. In the face of the potential
impact of many IT risks, effective management and control of IT risks has become the important content of the present IT construction of institutions.


IT Service:

As informationization is gradually changing from the construction phase to the deepening application phase, which is characterized by meeting the demand of differentiated business,
systems’ rapid iteration, paying attention to user experience,stable and efficient operations, effective use of social resources and so on, how to deliver high quality IT services and provide
efficient service management in a scientific and standardized way has become the key of IT construction that institutions must face at present.


IT Value:

Measurement of IT value is a key factor which affects the IT investment decision-making mechanism. With continuous and in-depth development of institutions’ informatization,
informatization investment has return to rationality. Institutions not only need careful analysis of the investment benefit before the construction of IT, at the same time, they need to attach
importance to the value management of the whole life cycle of IT. IT value management is the important management means of institutions to establish an effective constraint and incentive
mechanism and ensure realization of IT goals; it is also the foundation of institutions to use IT to create value and enhance
core competitiveness.


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