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After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts for generations, China’s information construction has made remarkable achievements. In the financial industry, the information system has become the basic platform of business operations and innovation and development, effectively driving the entire social service informationization process. China has fully embraced the information age.

GOVCHINA International Information Technology Research Institute (Beijing) is established under above circumstance, aiming to provide an open communication and research platform for China’s information construction. Through powerful combination of experts from government departments, industry regulators, academic research institutions, enterprises and media, GOVCHINA is commited to research on the IT governance value system and the cyberspace governance system with Chinese characteristics, and promoting the establishment of related service systems with international standards, thus to boost China’s steady and continuous economic growth.

We warmly welcome the communication and cooperation of institutions and experts around the world, jointly contributing to the comprehensive, in-depth and healthy development of China’s cyberspace and informationization construction.

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